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Aaron Rodgers&Tom Brady,Who’s Better

31 Oct

Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady are the NFL’s best players,Aaron Rodgers (born December 2, 1983) is an American football quarterback for the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League (NFL),Thomas Edward Patrick “Tom” Brady, Jr. (born August 3, 1977) is an American football quarterback for the New England Patriots of the National Football League (NFL). The Patriots and Packers QBs are lighting up the NFL ,but who do you want leading your team?
We go to the matchups:
Accuracy: Rodgers is completing over 70% of his passes, which is completely insane. It feels like he throws an incompletion once every eight games. Even his incompletions are impressive. They usually occur when no one is open and he smartly throws the ball away before the rush gets to him. Announcers LOVE incompletions like that. Troy Aikman gets more excited for incompletions like that than he does actual touchdown passes. Meanwhile, Brady is completing a mere 68% of his passes. Mortal. ADVANTAGE: RODGERS
Turnovers: Again, Rodgers wins. He has just three picks compared to Brady’s eight (half of which came against Buffalo), and more touchdown passes. ADVANTAGE: RODGERS
Throwing on the run: No one does it better than Rodgers, who can run a bootleg and throw the ball with the exact right amount of heat depending upon where the receiver is. Brady, on the hand, is much more comfortable staying in the pocket and stepping up into the rush if need be. What a loser. Try exploring the world back there for once, kid. ADVANTAGE: RODGERS
Taking sacks: Brady has the better line in front of him, hence not as many sacks this year. But it’s difficult to know if he’d take as many hits behind the Packers line. Rodgers one flaw a couple years ago was his penchant for hanging onto the ball too long. He took 50 sacks two seasons ago, which would kill an average QB. But he’s corrected that problem since then. ADVANTAGE: INCONCLUSIVE
Advertisements: Think Rodgers can pull off staring earnestly into the camera while holding a goat? Hell no. ADVANTAGE: BRADY
Distractions: Brady has two kids, a baby momma, and a Brazilian supermodel wife to deal with. Rodgers, meanwhile, has been linked to the likes of Mila Kunis and Erin Andrews, but has no wife or love child to concern himself with at this point. He does the “being a single superstar NFL QB who dates really hot chicks” way better than Tony Romo ever did. ADVANTAGE: RODGERS
Experience: Brady has won three Super Bowl and gone through even more controversial hairstyles. ADVANTAGE: BRADY
Chokiness: This is where I point out that Brady hasn’t won a playoff game since 2007, which totally makes him a chokity choke choker, even though advanced stats prove that such ideas are complete bunk. Whatever, nerdy computer nerds. BRADY HAS BEEN ROMO-FIED. ADVANTAGE: RODGERS
Overall: I think we know where this is going. Rodgers is currently playing football better than anyone else in the world right now. Time to give him his due as the best QB in all of football. RODGERS ES MAS MACHO.[Aaron Rodgers (@AaronRodgers12) on Twitter, Aaron Rodgers yellow jerseys]


Franchise relocations and mergers

19 Jul

In the early years, the league was not stable and teams moved frequently. Franchise mergers were popular during World War II in response to the scarcity of players. An example of this was the Steagles, temporarily formed as a merger between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles.

Franchise moves became far more controversial in the late twentieth century when a vastly more popular NFL was free from financial instability and allowed many franchises to abandon long-held strongholds for perceived financially greener pastures. This was done in spite of the promises to Congress by Pete Rozelle in 1966 that if the AFL-NFL merger were allowed, no city would lose its franchise. Those promises were made to ensure passage of PL 89-800, which granted anti-trust immunity to the merged professional football leagues. While owners invariably cited financial difficulties as the primary factor in such moves, many fans bitterly disputed these contentions, especially in Cleveland (the Rams and the Browns), Baltimore (the Colts), Houston (the Oilers), and St. Louis (the Cardinals), each of which eventually received teams some years after their original franchises left (the Browns, another Browns, Ravens, Texans, and Rams, respectively). Notably, Los Angeles, the second-largest media market in the United States, has not had an NFL team since 1994 after both the Raiders and the Rams relocated elsewhere. However, a new stadium project, tentatively known as Los Angeles Stadium, was approved in 2009 with the expressed purpose of attracting an NFL team to the Los Angeles market.

Heath Bell slides his way into All-Star appearance

13 Jul

San Diego Padres closer Heath Bell(notes) made one of the most unusual entrances in baseball history during Tuesday night’s All-Star game, sliding just short of the Chase Field mound after running a dead sprint from the left field bullpen. The move came as a surprise to almost everyone in attendance, including the Fox cameraman who was assigned to keep up with the 240-pound pitcher — a task at which he ultimately failed.

Bell’s arrival was “well executed” said San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson(notes), but it almost didn’t come to pass during the eighth inning of  the National League’s 5-1 victory. Although the imaginative Bell had told friends and teammates he was planning on adding the last wrinkle to his usual running start, he started to have second thoughts after NL manager Bruce Bochy gave an impassioned pregame speech about the game counting for homefield advantage in the World Series.

“But then we were up by four runs,” Bell said with a smile in the postgame clubhouse. “And I saw (Pablo) Sandoval and said, ‘OK, better get out of the way.”

Judging from the picture above, Sandoval enjoyed the show. Chicago Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro(notes) — perhaps thinking of a way to commit a trademark throwing error in the Midsummer Classic, something he did the very next inning — seems somewhat less enthused.

Man down! Heath Bell slides his way into All-Star appearance

If you’re wondering if San Diego manager Bud Black and the rest of the Padres’ brass were sitting at home with terrified looks on their faces, Bell said that probably wasn’t the case.

“I think San Diego is used to me doing a lot of fun stuff,” Bell said. “Honestly, I practice sliding a lot. Behind the scenes, so no one can see me. I feel like I’m an athlete even though I’m a pitcher. Even though I’m a big guy, I can play.”

Bell can play, indeed. This is his third straight All-Star appearance and he’s boasting a 2.43 ERA with 26 saves at the break. On Tuesday, he induced a inning-ending popup from Jhonny Peralta, the only batter he faced on the night.

Despite that impact on the game, Bell probably made a bigger impression on the baseball-watching public. Not only with his unorthodox slide, but with a great interaction he had with two young fans down the left field line. When the two children asked him for his autograph, Bell responded it was against the rules for him to sign during the game.

But what he could do was give the fans his Yoda backpack. Inside were autographed baseballs and Bell followed up by handing out some pre-signed baseball cards.

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