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Goyard,In New York’s Streets

2 May

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At Red Bull Arena:MLS All-Stars Match

27 Jul

NEW YORK – One of the most high-profile clubs in the world parked their very high-profile tour bus on Wall Street in the Financial District of Manhattan as Manchester United gets set to face a team of Major League Soccer All-Stars at Red Bull Arena on Wednesday.
So far, Manchester United have not had much trouble with their opponents on their U.S. tour. The Red Devils have dismantled the New England Revolution (4-1), the Seattle Sounders (7-0), and the Chicago Fire (3-1).
The main reason for such scores is that MLS teams empty out their rosters and are playing at half-speed since they’re in the middle of their regular season. Also, most MLS teams lack depth, while world-class clubs like Manchester United have reserves that could start on most clubs in top leagues.
On a warm night in the Big Apple, fans stopped and observed the prominent bus, hoping to spot Wayne Rooney, Ryan Giggs, and Nemanja Vidic. Such is the rock-star attention that world-renowned soccer players receive — especially considering how the U.S. lacks such superstar talent in their league, while the Premier League’s Manchester United can boast such quality players just on their roster alone.
When the Red Devils meet the MLS All-Stars in Harrison, New Jersey, most of the fans’ attention will be on the English squad, not the home league’s best players. Last year’s scored spotlighted the lack of chemistry by the MLS All-Stars and showed the disadvantage of competing against an established club. Wednesday should be no different, as fans can expect the Red Devils to go on another goal-scoring spree.
The MLS All-Stars will include some known names only amongst ardent fans of MLS. Landon Donovan is expected to miss the match due to a calf injury, and Juan Pablo Angel, who has struggled this season, will also not be on the squad.
However, David Beckham and Thierry Henry will play together against Manchester United in what should be a curious opponent for both players given their long-time relationships with the club — Beckham as a member of United, and Henry as a member of rival Arsenal.

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Street Style Around the World

24 Jul

Whenever I see a person on the street wearing a great hat, I stop and tell them so. I am sure many of you hat wearers experience this on a regular basis. But did you know that there is a whole crop of websites dedicated to stopping stylish people on the street? Well, there is! Just about every major city has a website dedicated to photographing people with great style. From Helsinki, Finland to Copenhagen, Denmark to Barcelona Spain and back to the U.S. stylish people are being photographed and featured wearing great hats.
Dam Style is a street photography blog from Amsterdam. We see very similar hat trends on the streets of the United States. Guys are wearing snap brim fedoras and gals are wearing cloche hats.
In Barcelona, Spain expect to see the classic snap brim fedoras and big brims to block the sun. The website Spain Street Style is a great place to spot the super fashionable and the casual traveler.
The Locals is a street style blog from Copenhagen, Denmark. They are in their summer months, but the high temperature is about 70 degrees, so expect warmer headwear. Knit hats in bright colors and floppy styles.
The street style found on Hel-Looks in Helsinki, Finland can range from wild to wilder even though their hat trends are very similar to those in the States. Classic driving caps, snap brim fedoras and fascinators can be found on even the most unique fashionista.
Back stateside, in San Francisco, the floppy style with great sun coverage can be found on one of the most photographed street stylistas who is pictured every season on the blog.
New York based style blogs like The Sartorialist picture street stylers from New York,Paris, Milan and more. In L.A. we see mini bikinis and trendy fedoras. In New York, they keep on trend with the trendy floppy fedora but skips the bikinis.
From this display of hat style all over the world, it is safe to say that hats as a fashion accessory are here to stay. It doesn’t matter where you live, if you are wearing a great hat, you have a serious chance of being stopped on the street.

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