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Do you remember Jack?

13 May


A inspiration.Lee

31 Oct

Jennifer Nicole Lee is a fitness expert and by that I mean she lost 70 pounds after having two kids and now she looks like this. Like she did today on Miami beach,Looks great!

George Clooney really is dating Stacy Keibler

12 Aug

Life and Style will print literally anything, so not everyone believed them on Wednesday when they claimed that George Clooney was dating Stacy Keibler now.Ok seriously, George Clooney and his awesome life can go fuck themselves. This story is gonna suck unless it ends with Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson attacking her on a date, and when George tries to intervene Randy Orton comes up behind him and slams him in the back of a head with a chair.

Lady Gaga has to use Rogaine now

27 Jul

Lady Gaga spends a great deal of time and money to make sure she looks like a complete jackass every single day, but much like Icarus as he rose toward the glory of the heavens, such ambition has taken it’s toll. The Sun says…
We’ve heard she was losing her hair before of course, so maybe this means it’s getting worse. Not only that, but my sources tell me that, because of all the tucking to hide it, her penis has turned a dull grey color. Oh Gaga, is it really worth it!

Can You Notice These Fails?

13 Jul
fun - can you find?

fun 1

Can You Notice These Fails?   adidas  !!!Pirates of the Caribbean like “Adidas”haha….Crazy Pirate!!!!

Crazy Celeb’s Sunglasses

13 Jul


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