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Ashley’s Cool Punk

20 Jun

Ashley's cool punk

A pair of black canvas shoes and a black DOPE hat topped off Ashley’s cool punk-inspired.


a good book or a friend

19 Jun


You know you’ve read a good book,when you turn the last page and feel as if you’ve lost a friend.

Every Girl’s Dream Of Love

18 Jun
Dream of love

Dream of love

Every girl’s dream of love is different. How about your dream of love?


Snow,Warm Feeling

12 Jan


 [Photos via World]


26 Nov


Vernazza, Italy

22 Nov


Kerepakupai MerĂş

21 Nov

The falls are known as Kerepakupai MerĂş or Parekupa Vena in the language of the indigenous Pemon, and are more commonly known as Salto Angel or Angel Falls, is the tallest free-falling waterfall on earth. The RĂ­o Gauja flows from the sandstone plateau-mountain Auyan Tepui, the largest of many Tepuis in Canaima National Park in the southeastern part of Venezuela. As the river nears the edge of the mountain, it sinks into channels in the bedrock and disappears underground completely, emerging 50 feet below the top of the cliff and plunging a sheer 2,648 feet to the floor of the canyon below.

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