Goyard Travel Bag-Lauren Conrad

18 Apr

I have a dirty little secret. I anxiously await watching The Hills every Monday. I know so many of you share this obsession with me. The awkward scenes, the staged scenes, the downright ridiculous scenes; every single one of them I love. And The Hills would not be what it is without Lauren Conrad, also known as LC. From Laguna Beach to The Hills we have watched LC grow up to be a ‘big girl’ with a ‘real job’ and ‘real drama’. And the media has taken onto the stars and stuck to them like glue, following their every move around the country and world. Lauren does not jump in front of every camera and call up the paparazzi like Speidi, but she gets her fair share of exposure. Take these images for example. Here we have Lauren Conrad snapped in the airport going from JFK to LAX. The airport? I mean, nothing is interesting about the airport. But put a celeb in it and we all are looking. Lauren traveled nicely with ample Goyard luggage to suit her needs.

Bag Lauren Conrads Goyard style via Goyard handbags.


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