On Sept. 5 apple iPhone 5 Launching Report with iOS

2 Aug

Rumors about the release date of the next generation iPhone, dubbed iPhone 5, are buzzing and the latest rumor is that iPhone 5 will release on September 5 in the U.S., with an international release scheduled a month later.
Ahead of its rumoured September iPhone 5 release, Apple has reportedly included face recognition support in its iOS 5 application programming interface (API), meaning that app developers will be able to integrate face-recognition features into their games and apps.
According to a report on an Italian iPhone website (iPhone Italia), the iPhone 5 will be announced in August. On September 5, it will be available in the U.S. However, the international customers can buy it in October, ComputerWorld said.
However, the rumor can’t be confirmed, because the Apple has neither denied nor confirmed the rumor. The only thing that’s confirmed is that Apple has been releasing new iPhones at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June.
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Meanwhile, people are speculating that when the iPhone 5 releases, it might be launched simultaneously with the new iOS 5.
“We’re thrilled to deliver our best quarter ever, with revenue up 82 percent and profits up 125 percent,” Apple’s founder Steve Jobs said recently. “Right now, we’re very focused and excited about bringing iOS 5 and iCloud to our users this fall.”
The next generation iPhone is expected to feature the same A5 processor as the iPad 2, come in a teardrop design, boast of edge-to-edge display, a more powerful camera (possibly 8-megapixel), more RAM and may support NFC technology


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